Discover MetropolCard’s Advantages with Puan Harca App!


Discover MetropolCard’s Advantages with Puan Harca App!

What is Puan Harca (Spend Points)?

Puan Harca is a digital wallet app which allows you to cumulate all the points or balances that you gain from various banks and brands. You can either separately or together spend these points by buying digital products. In case of a point insufficiency, you can complete the rest with your credit card or from your bank account and get a new digital product.

How Can You Use It with MetropolCard?

  • Download the Puan Harca mobile app.
  • Go to “My Cards-Add a Brand Card” section and add your MetropolCard.
  • Then you are ready to shop with your MetropolCard points!


  • With Puan Harca App, you will not lose your debit card points anymore. You can spend them at MetropolCard points of usage whenever you want.
  • After you complete all the conditions of accession, you will receive 5% balance to your MetropolCard for every of your top-up priced at 100₺.


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