OkulPay is a service which enables the control of entry-exit and payment of personnel and students at public and private universities, in colleges and schools.

Apart from being a school identity card, it offers special advantages and discounts to both employees and students.

Why MetropolCard?

The security within the educational institution will be increased by authentication at security checkpoints.
Card transactions will be trackable via MetropolCard website.
If the card is stolen or lost, the card will be canceled and a new one will be produced.
Personnel and student expenses and attendance can be tracked and reported in detail.
Different authorization levels can be created for personnel, students and guests.
Cards can be topped up at any time and in the desired amount at top-up points or via MetropolCard website.
Financial advantages and ease of payment are provided to the customers.
Card transactions can be tracked via MetropolCard website and student expenditures can be reported in detail.
Cards can be used at MetropolCard's common affiliated member points.
It allows a continuous personnel and job tracking via online platforms.
A Safe Method
It introduces a more secure solution as an alternative to payment methods which present security risks or which are vulnerable to abuse, such as cash and credit card.
Tax Advantage
It allows to benefit from tax advantages.
Time Saving
It saves time by preventing the usage of transaction equipment such as credit cards, receipts, signatures, cash and invoices at the station.
Efficient Goals
It eliminates the time-wasting problems of the personnel such as issuing expense receipts, checking receipts and fuel bills.

What do they think about MetropolCard?

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