RestoPay Meal Card

It is an electronic payment system service that enables the accounting, auditing and management of your employees’ meal allowances offered by the company; and offers RestoPay meal-card advantages – ONLINE – by loading all of them into one smart card.

We are always by your side with modern solutions for your lunch needs.

Why MetropolCard?

It provides up to 100% tax advantage in comparison with the Cash Payment System.
It ensures a full payment for cost fractions.
It provides a minimization for your end-of-month deficits by preventing abuses.
Company productivity shall increase with growing satisfaction and motivation of the employees.
It reduces stress in the work environment by encouraging social interaction among employees with a lunch-out.
It provides employees to have lunch, despite the cash shortage at the end of the month.
A Safe Method
It introduces a more secure solution as an alternative to payment methods which present security risks or which are vulnerable to abuse, such as cash and credit card.
Tax Advantage
MetropolCard provides tax exemption such as SSI (Social Security Institution) Employer's Share, SSI Worker's Premium, Income Tax, Stamp Tax; and provides up to 100% profit compared to the cash payment system in case of companies provide their employee meal allowances with a "meal card" instead of cash. In addition, it gives freedom of choice to the personnel thanks to its wide network of affiliated companies. Thanks to MetropolCard, companies can benefit from advantageous options while personnel experiences a comfortable process without financial worries.
Where is the Meal Card Valid?
MetropolCard carries on its activities with more than 50K affiliated companies. In addition, it provides numerous advantages to its users in grocery shopping with the most widespread local market network in the industry. It creates advantageous usage opportunities with its products such as GiftPay and PetroPay. The privileged world of MetropolCard is waiting for you with its innovative solutions. You can reduce the costs of your company and gain various advantages from your expenses with MetropolCard. The most special solutions for your company in the fields such as lunch expenses, accommodation needs or fuel privileges are right next to you, without any employee limit and with the advantages of Metropol Meal Card!
Efficient Goals
It saves time by preventing the usage of transaction equipment such as credit cards, receipts, signatures, cash and invoices at the station.

Advantageous Solutions with MetropolCard!

MetropolCard is an electronic payment system service that enables fast, contactless, secure and online accounting, auditing and management of meal allowances that your company offers to employees by loading them into smart cards, along with numerous advantages. MetropolCard provides maximum level of customer satisfaction by producing different and unique solutions to its affiliated companies and sustains its “service of high quality” concept.


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