Paying Facilities at Your Food Shoppings with MetropolCard!

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Paying Facilities at Your Food Shoppings with MetropolCard!

Meet #MetropolAdvantages at your food shoppings! You can use your MetropolCard at your food shoppings at www.delopi.com website.You can find natural and nutritive products such as fruits & vegetables, milk and dairy products, staple food, breakfast products, herbal products, snacks, beverages, products for special nutritional choices and pay online with MetropolCard, you will receive your needs immediately to your home.

Product Categories:

  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Milk & Dairy Products (Local Cheeses, Butter, Yogurt)
  • Staple Food (Flour, Local Bread Varieties, Salty & Sweet Bakery Products, Legumes, Oils, Dry Food, Pastes, Sauces and Vinegars, Pickles and Canned Goods)
  • Breakfast Products (Honey, Musli and Granolas, Jams, Spreads, Deli Products, Tahini & Molasses & Halva, Olive)
  • Herbal Products (Seeds and Herbs, Volatile and Persistent Oils, Spices
  • Snacks (Dried Fruits, Dried Nuts, Dried Vegetables, Healthy Snacks, Dried Fruit Layers & Turkish Delight, Chocolate and Dragees)
  • Beverages (Tea Varieties, Juices)
  • Special Nutritional Choices (Gluten-Free Products)

You can check over the vendors of every related article, ask questions and pay with your MetropolCard. You have to use your MetropolCard while you are doing your shopping payment at www.delopi.com. Add the articles that you wish to buy to your card, choose your MetropolCard as your payment method, dial your 16-digit card number to the related field on the screen, confirm your payment with the code you received by SMS and complete your payment. You have to configure the MetropolCard Mobile App in order to use your card for your online payments.

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