MetropolCard FiloPay Car Rental


    How can I benefit from company vehicle rental with FiloPay?


    The campaign is valid until 31/12/2023.
    First hand, driving limit of 30K km, 2023 model, stocks are limited.

    Increase productivity

    by saving time.

    For Companies

    Track all expenses of your vehicle fleet by a single invoice.

    It provides a minimization for your end-of-month deficits by preventing abuses.

    The 24/7 call-center service can quickly solve your vehicle-related problems.

    Employees who are using company vehicles receive uninterrupted support with our services for their vehicles.

    You can prevent the obstacles that may interrupt your business.

    For Employees

    Get all services related to your fleet management from a single supplier.

    Increase productivity by saving time.

    It ensures the safety of the driver with high quality of damage repair and maintenance service.

    You can provide uninterrupted travel opportunities for your employees.

    You can track all expenses of your vehicle fleet with a single invoice. Thus, your invoice tracking process becomes easier and your paper can be reduced.

    Güvenli Yöntem

    A Safe Method

    It introduces a more secure solution as an alternative to payment methods which present security risks or which are vulnerable to abuse, such as cash and credit card.
    Vergi Avantajı

    Tax Advantage

    It allows to benefit from tax advantages.
    Vakit Tasarrufu

    Time Saving

    It saves time by preventing the usage of transaction equipment such as credit cards, receipts, signatures, cash and invoices at the station.
    Verimli Hedefler

    Efficient Goals

    It eliminates the time-wasting problems of the personnel such as issuing expense receipts, checking receipts and fuel bills.
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