OtelPay is an accommodation service which enables employees to benefit from advantageous prices offered by MetropolCard for their accommodation expenses: It also provides accounting, limiting, reporting and audit options for extra accommodation expenses.

Manage your employees’ accommodation expenses with advantageous prices offered by MetropolCard.

Why MetropolCard?

It reduces accommodation costs by providing cost control.
It saves time and increases efficiency.
It eliminates the need for cash.
It keeps extra expenses under control.
Thanks to the limit-identification feature, MetropolCard enables institutions to take the law into their own hands.
It provides employees to have lunch, despite the cash shortage at the end of the month.
A Safe Method
It introduces a more secure solution as an alternative to payment methods which present security risks or which are vulnerable to abuse, such as cash and credit card.
Tax Advantage
It allows to benefit from tax advantages.
Time Saving
It saves time by preventing the usage of transaction equipment such as credit cards, receipts, signatures, cash and invoices at the station.
Efficient Goals
It eliminates the time-wasting problems of the personnel such as issuing expense receipts, checking receipts and fuel bills.

What do they think about MetropolCard?

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