MetropolCard: Türkiye’s First Environmental-Friendly Digital Meal Card

World’s Feature is Our Priority…

We, as MetropolCard, offer value-oriented services to our shareholders in various fields of life and consider the environmental effects of our innovations which we carry out.

We are pulling all the stops out to carry the society to a better future with our serviceable technologies which would affect positively to this aim.

In this new era of fast-effective technologies, we have never given up on our desire to protect our world and environment.

By our fastest and the most developed contactless payment system and our Mobile POS App, we essentially contribute to a sustainable economy, society and environment; as well as making our customer’s daily experiences faster, securer and more comfortable.

The environmental struggles that we are facing today are crucial signals of an awaiting risk and danger for our future and all the creatures in the world. MetropolCard urgently and devotedly responds to this important issue with its entire system, from A to Z.

With this awareness, we published our “We are on the Side of Green” Manifesto* in February 2022 for emphasizing our target of environmental and social responsibilities. By this manifesto, we shared our targets on creating “good effects” about the environmental awareness, our works on sustainability and declared our environmental precursory to the public.

Subsequently, we started creating contents under the subject of “We are on the Side of Green”, in order to create an awareness among all the digital fields of MetropolCard and the people. This subject, which has made us use our digital platforms only for a social benefit and which was a precursory action, has been appreciated by all of our shareholders.

For making a change in the subjects such as raising awareness about protecting the environment and waste-parsing, we realized our brand new project called “Waste Gaining Project” with various municipalities such as Zeytinburnu and Sancaktepe. Within the scope of this project, our clients collected their recyclable wastes separately and hand them over to the “gaining points”. The participants gained an extra amount of top-up to their special cards delivered especially for the project.

We are very proud of being a precursor of our industry by an overreaching subject and being an inspiration to the other institutions for environmental sensitivity.

We, as the creator of first environmental-friendly digital meal card of Türkiye, conserve our attitude towards this sensitive issue by adopting all the concrete steps that we have taken in every dynamics of our brand by our approach towards sustainability .

We are proud to announce our collaboration with 3pmetrics company on May 10, 2022, which is preparing institutional carbon footprint calculations and reporting convenient to the obligations of ISO 14064 standards and to the internationally acceptable standards. This collaboration is a result of our essentially adopted sensitivity towards climate-change issue of our company.

Thanks to this collaboration, MetropolCard Carbon Footprint Report is created as a result of a deep examination of company’s whole ecosystem including production, innovation and consumption steps of life-hack products and payment options of MetropolCard (years of 2020 and 2021 included).

A carbon-footprint analysis has been carried out under six main categories. This analysis was aimed at calculating the environmental effects of various steps of card usage.

MetropolCard is not focused on saving the day, rather saving the future. From this perspective, we adopted the “Life Cycle Assessment” approach. According to the MetropolCard Carbon Footprint Report which has been prepared conveniently by the international protocols, 10% of carbon-footprint reduction has been recorded per transaction and per ₺ topped-up as a result of carbon-density calculations.

By this precursory project brought into action, MetropolCard lead a complete new way in its own industry. After the realization of analyses gotten from the related reports, the most important steps for carbon-footprint reduction will be taken.

On the other hand; our company will stand by its shareholders with their sensitivity towards environmental issues from July 1, 2022 with its project called KarbonPay, by contributing to the institutional carbon-footprint reduction project in Turkiye, where the sensitivity for sustainability is increasing day by day.

As MetropolCard, world’s future is our priority…


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