It is an entry-exit service that allows you to control, report and audit the entry-exit datas of your company employees and guests with their identification to be made to MetropolCard data system.

Control your company’s employees and guests with entry-exit systems.

Why MetropolCard?

It provides a thorough control (Personal Attendance Control System - PACS) over all operations of company employees such as entry-exit and shift registrations.
It allows identification on a departmental basis and increases the security level of your company together with the authorization to be made.
It allows the relevant personnel and department managers to be informed at desired intervals via reports and e-mails.
It allows the entry-exit controls of the employees, also for different branches of the company, located in different geographical points.
It strengthens the company image for the internal customer and all stakeholders visiting the company.
Since the system will work integrated with existing MetropolCards, it does not cause any additional card costs.
A Safe Method
It introduces a more secure solution as an alternative to payment methods which present security risks or which are vulnerable to abuse, such as cash and credit card.
Tax Advantage
It allows to benefit from tax advantages.
Time Saving
It saves time by preventing the usage of transaction equipment such as credit cards, receipts, signatures, cash and invoices at the station.
Efficient Goals
It eliminates the time-wasting problems of the personnel such as issuing expense receipts, checking receipts and fuel bills.

What do they think about MetropolCard?

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